With the .mactomster iSync phoneplugins you can sync your mobile phone from Nokia, SonyEricsson or Samsung with your Mac. The contacts from the Mac OS X Addressbook and iCal events and tasks will be synchronized with the phone.

In the following overview you’ll see all supported phone models witch are included in the plugin packages. Please let me know, if you wish to have a phone model what is not in the overview. Please use the contact form.

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  • Bluetooth on your Mac
  • iSync verison 2.4 or higher (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • on OS X 10.7. and 10.8 you must install iSync first!
  • no iSync support on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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  • If it‘s possible make a backup of all data from your mobile and your mac (I do not take over adhesion when your data lost)
  • Delete your telephone from the bluetooth list
  • Switch off Bluetooth from Mac and mobile
  • Quit iSync!
  • Drag&Drop the green folder named “PhonePlugins” on the blue folder named „Drop the green folder on me
  • If the folder already exists then confirm the message with „replace“ *
  • Pair the phone with your Mac and iSync starts automatically

*If you should already use different Plugins which are to remain, you must manually install the plugin – copy the orange folder „xxx.phoneplugin“ – which is in the green folder “PhonePlugins” – with Apple + C and selects the blue folder „Drop the green folder on me“ >„PhonePlugins“. Now insert the copied with Apple + V. Continue with point 7.

At the end the plugin must be in the path: MacHD (or the Name you choosen for the HDD) > Library > PhonePlugins > …

Help and FAQ

After unpack the ZIP file I didn’t see a blue or green folder or there are cryptical file names. What to do?

Here it can be that you used an outdated or suitable unpacking program (e.g. the StuffIt Expander). Please unzip the ZIP-file with the free and nice program “The UnArchiver”. Or you can use the OSX own unzip-program.

Here you can download the “The UnArchiver”

Synchronizing contacts and dates run through but were not transferred

The problem is that iSync only can synchronize locally stored data from iCal and Address Book. Lion or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.7 and 10.8) automatically takes the iCloud account as master. So it is in iCal.

Copy the contacts from iCloud address book into the local address book. If the local address book is not visible, you must enable it.

  • Open Address Book and go into the settings
  • There are the standard account of iCloud. Turn on the local address book (Screenshot 1)
  • Close Settings and copy all contacts from the iCloud-account with Command + C  (Screenshot 2)
  • Insert the contacts with Command + V to the local account
  • sync your local contact to your phone with iSync


Also create a local calendar, which you can synchronize your mobile phone.

After installation while the sync-process I get an error-message. What is this?

This can have several causes. Mostly it is due to the setting in the phone itself or to damaged iCal calendars.

  • Please have a look at the addressbook preferences on your phone. You have to set the option that the phone only use the internal addressbook and not the SIM-adressbook or both.
  • Please also make a backup of OS X Addressbook and iCal.
  • After that, please reset the sync history in iSync.

You can also try to reset the iSync sync history or the mobile phone. Trie the following solutions:

  • First, delete the file AddressBook-v22.abcddb in User > Library > Application Support > Addressbook > and restart iSync and AB. Now try to sync again.
  • If this point no help, reset the synchronisation process in the iSync preferences (Apple + comma)
  • reset your mobile phone
  • Repair your calendars in iCal (exactly description follows next at the end of this site)
  • Make sure, that old plugins or any earlier changes on iSync does not disturb the iSync app! Old ones or no more necessary plugins are to be deleted if necessary
  • Delete the plugin and install it again (restart iSync after that!)
  • Paire the phone over bluetooth again
  • Attention! For some Samsung phones (the P300 for example) you must activate thePIM-Synchronisation in your phone menu. Please look at your phone manual!

If you have damaged calendars in iCal (this is not outwardly to recognize) you can import these through again for iSync to make executable:

  • Export each calendar individually into a ics-file
  • Mark the calendar you want to export, then klick on > file > export > choose the folder you want to export
  • Do these with each other of your calendars in iCal
  • Afterwards delete the calendars in iCal
  • Now import the calendars again into your iCal by doubleclick on the ics-files in the Finder
  • start iSync again and sync

Deleting Prefs to set back iSync

  • delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/
  • delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/
  • delete all items in the folder ~/Library/Phones
  • make a backup of the following folders and delete them after:
    • ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices
    • ~/Library/Application Support/SyncService
  • start install plugin again